Our Trip to Niagara Falls


I can’t recall the last time that Aaron and I went away for an extended period of time…just the two of us!  Our babies are now teenagers, so we figured it was long overdue.  After some quick planning on an already tight schedule, we decided on a getaway between wedding weekends to Niagara Falls!  What a fantastic time!  I just had to share a few of the amazing moments from the trip! Enjoy!

What better way to see the falls than via a helicopter! (and not to mention we were only paying for TWO!  Seriously…prices seem so much more reasonable without the kids! We may need to get away more often!)

So beautiful!

No idea why I didn’t take off the headgear for the photo.  I think I just wanted to create the whole “look” of the flight.

Standing in USA looking at Canada

Me:  “Aaron-how close do you think we could get to that squirrel?”

Can you believe it!?  He came right up to Aaron and gave him a fist bump!

Isn’t he so cute!  (Yes!  Of course I’m talking about Aaron!)

Rainbow Bridge to Canada

Cave of the Winds! (Check out our matching sandals)

SO many seagulls!

Hurricane force winds!  Not only was it invigorating to experience, It was fun watching other people too!

American Falls

And last but not least…a trip on the Maid of the Mist.

Every night they illuminate the falls with different colors and put on a fireworks display.  It was just the perfect ending to a two day getaway!

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