Austin & Brittany | Engaged

May 25, 2020

Category: Engagement

Here’s a story for you: This shoot put me in the back of a police car!

Not what you think though, I wasn’t really being hauled off to jail. Austin is a Police Officer for the Brookville Police Department and Brittany is a R.N. and works at the Dubois Hospital Intensive Care Unit. We just couldn’t resist some themed photos for their engagement! They really make the best team in so many ways not just in their relationship but how they both love to help others.

We also took a quick trip down the road to Cook Forest State Park (not in a police car). It was so nice to finally see the sunshine! Brittany changed into a floral dress and we took full advantage of the gorgeous park. Austin’s parents live very close so we had a great time hanging out at their house for some additional photos. I had the best night with these two and I’m so excited for their future together!

Congrats on your engagement, Austin & Brittany!

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  1. Cathy Stoey says:

    These pictures are as amazing as this couple is! Beautiful shots that really capture their personalities. Congrats Brit and Austin!

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