Olivia & Jedidiah

August 21, 2020

Category: Weddings

There are so many things that I could say about this day…. about this couple… about their story… about their joy. Jedidiah and Olivia’s family and friends were just a DELIGHT to be around! Their entire family loves the Lord and has such a beautiful dynamic. They all have such a special love and respect for one another, and I think that aspect of their family has prepared them so well for marriage.

Olivia and Jedidiah shared the most beautiful vows. Their ceremony was filled with beautiful worship, and I don’t think there is anything as beautiful as watching a newlywed couple sing and praise the Lord together. They have the strongest foundation for their marriage, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Olivia’s bridesmaids were so incredibly sweet. I honestly felt so undeserving of the  compliments they gave me throughout the day. They were so kind, inclusive and encouraging….  just like Olivia. It’s no wonder they are all such great friends and close family members! Throughout the day, friends mentioned both in the ceremony and in their toasts about Olivia and Jedidiah’s love for their parents. Being a parent myself, it inspires me. What a legacy to have children who love and respect you and your marriage so much  that it’s a common topic brought up on their wedding day!

Olivia and Jedidiah, I wish you both the very best and I absolutely loved being a part of your wedding day. Enjoy some of my favorite images!

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