You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. What is it that you are looking forward to most? Feeling the warmth of their skin against yours? Having their tiny hand wrapped around your finger?

You deserve to hold onto the feeling these special moments bring you for the rest of your life.

Your Maternity & Newborn photographic experience connects you on a deeper level to who you are as a couple, and whom you are becoming as parents. This new chapter is awakening something inside of you that deserves to be celebrated, but the love you have always shared deserves to never be forgotten. Your lives and your love coming together is what is bringing a new life and a new love. Imagine sitting down with your child and sharing the legacy of your family’s love through an album that cherishes this chapter in all of your lives.



This is the first step in discovering those qualities you adore the most about your sweet baby, what you are most anticipating upon their arrival or those traits leave you speaking in high-pitched tones and keep you giggling. Don't be surprised when you leave this conversation with a deeper love for your babe. We will discover what you desire to keep on display in your home to remind you of that love

Discovery Call

Planning and Prep

After scheduling your session, the next step is selecting your dream location. We'll provide resources featuring our favorite spots and assist you in determining the vibe you're aiming for. Additionally, we'll send you style guides to ensure you look and feel your absolute best during the session. Your chosen location combined with your unique style will make your session truly memorable.

The Session

This session is all about reconnecting you with what matters most. Your family. Your precious child. Our focus is to capture those traits you adore the most, and the love you share that knows no bounds. To preserve that love so years from now, they can know just how much you care

Design Consultation

I sense your eagerness to see those cherished photos, and I promise, the wait will be worth it! Picture a gentle unveiling filled with warmth and emotion, turning the anticipation into a beautifully meaningful experience. Get ready for a heartfelt joy that makes every moment of the wait wonderfully worthwhile!

Gallery Delivery

Anticipation builds as we meticulously curate and edit the enchanting moments captured during your engagement session. Once the artistic process is complete, we deliver your personalized engagement photo gallery – a digital treasure trove brimming with the timeless expressions of your love. Seamlessly accessible, this gallery is not just a collection of images; it's a visual narrative of your unique connection. From candid laughs to stolen glances, each photograph is thoughtfully presented, allowing you to relive and share the magic of your engagement session effortlessly. It's our joy to hand over this collection, a reflection of your story, encapsulated in every pixel.






Celebrate life's beauty

the process

- Kelsey & Tristen

Sara Haines Photography exceeded our expectations, expertly capturing the beauty and joy of our maternity session, resulting in stunning images that perfectly reflect this special moment in our lives.

Frequently asked questions

Yay! We are so excited to meet you! To book your maternity session with us, simply fill out my contact form, and we'll respond within 48 hours. We'll coordinate the perfect session for you, and I'll send over a hassle-free contract and invoice through my user-friendly online booking system. Securing your session is easy – a 50% deposit is all it takes. Can't wait to create beautiful memories together!
A maternity photo session focuses on capturing the beauty of pregnancy, highlighting the expectant mother's baby bump, joy, and anticipation of parenthood. The session includes choosing a location, attire, and poses to create lasting memories of this significant life stage.

Prepare for a maternity session by scheduling it during the seventh to eighth month of pregnancy, choosing a flattering wardrobe, and considering props or accessories with sentimental value. Coordinate attire for partners or family members, stay hydrated and rested, and communicate preferences with the photographer for a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Ultimately, the key is to trust the photographer, embrace the moment, and let your natural joy and anticipation shine through in the images.

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