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Sara Haines Photography is all about strengthening the connections with your loved ones. It started with one photographer’s passion for excelling in wedding and portrait photography and has now become a team effort to positively impact the lives of everyone we photograph. Our aim is for every photo session to leave you feeling more connected to those around you every day.

We know life can get busy, making it hard to slow down. But we believe that life is too short not to enjoy the small moments that we’ll cherish in the future. By overlooking these moments, we miss out on the joy of pausing and recognizing the many reasons to celebrate life. Choosing to work with us is your opportunity to capture those fleeting moments and be reminded of the importance of expressing gratitude to each other. It’s time to embrace life in a beautiful way!

Hello, I’m Sara, the soul behind Sara Haines Photography. My passion lies in creativity and connecting with people. Leading this business has shown me the depth of life and the continuous effort it takes to nurture relationships.

Our heartfelt mission is to guide families and couples in rediscovering the magic within their relationships by capturing and preserving significant moments. It’s not just about crafting beautiful images; it’s a tribute to people, and our art reflects their stories.

What makes us unique is our unwavering commitment to prioritizing people, even in an industry that may sometimes focus more on the art.

Meet Abby, our extraordinary wedding photographer! With six years of experience capturing weddings, Abby adores making genuine connections and embracing the beautiful chaos of wedding days. Armed with a BFA in Photography from Point Park University, Abby possesses a discerning eye for composition, lighting, and narrating captivating stories through her lens. Beyond creating stunning images, Abby’s passion lies in documenting those fleeting moments that make your day truly special. She takes joy in preserving those precious moments that extend beyond a lifetime. So, even when I’m unavailable, clients still have the chance to experience the magic of a wedding through Abby’s lens!

Introducing Hope, our remarkable senior photographer! A devoted Jesus lover, wife, and mother of three boys, Hope infuses every senior photoshoot with a warm and caring energy. Her photography passion arises from a deep desire to make others feel seen, heard, and loved – a sentiment clearly reflected in the beautiful images she captures. With Hope behind the camera, your senior photos become more than mere snapshots; they evolve into a genuine reflection of who you are and the incredible potential you hold.

Thrilled to introduce Madison, our wonderful wedding and portrait photographer to the SHP team! A college student majoring in English and newly married herself, Madison infuses every shoot with a unique and fresh perspective.

Her intelligence, creativity, and passion for photography ensure she captures unforgettable moments, creating beautiful photos that stand the test of time. We’re grateful to have Madison on our team as we endeavor to provide each client with the best possible experience and the highest quality service.

Thrilled to introduce our wedding and portrait photographer, Brittany! Fueled by a passion for capturing special moments, Brittany’s love for photography ignited with the arrival of her first child. Her unique perspective and energy infuse every wedding shoot, from the tiniest details to the grandest moments. Brittany is devoted to capturing it all, crafting beautiful images that endure. As a member of the SHP team, she is dedicated to delivering exceptional service aligned with our values of excellence and professionalism.

Excited to introduce my incredible second shooter (and daughter!), Claire! A talented Communications major at Liberty University, Claire brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every wedding she captures. With two years of experience creating unforgettable moments, Claire has cultivated a keen eye and a distinctive approach to wedding photography. From the tiniest details to the grandest moments, she is committed to narrating the story of your special day through her lens.

Excited to present our incredible second shooter, Danni, who has seamlessly become a vital part of our team! Fueled by a passion for capturing special moments, her love for photography blossomed within her own family. After dedicating her photography journey to God in 2023, she is now realizing her dream of capturing special moments for others as a member of the SHP team. With her talent behind the camera, Danni is poised to craft unforgettable photos that will be cherished forever.

I’m thrilled to introduce Kearsten to the SHP team! As one of our new photographers, Kearsten brings a unique perspective and abundant creativity to every project. Passionate about being involved in the wedding day process, she’s dedicated to serving our community in various ways – from contributing ideas for decor to capturing the perfect shot for Sara and the team.

But that’s not all – Kearsten is also eager to enhance her photography skills and step into the role of a second shooter for the team. With her enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to excellence, we are confident she will be an amazing addition to our already phenomenal team.

I am beyond excited to welcome our new assistant, Ashlyn, to the SHP family! With a love for traveling, being outdoors, and adventuring with her husband, son, and their dog Evie, Ashlyn brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to every wedding. Although her background isn’t in photography, her passion for serving others shines through in everything she does. As our newest assistant, Ashlyn is dedicated to helping with office management and also tackles a variety of writing, editing, design, marketing and social media-related activities for SHP!

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