MEET The SHP Team!

Sara Haines Photography

Back in 2015, if you had told me that one day I’d oversee a team of twelve talented creatives and have a packed studio calendar with over 100 weddings annually, I would've questioned your sanity.

You see, I never intended to build the powerhouse team we have today. Like many photographers, I simply wanted to earn a bit of extra cash doing what I loved. But over time, this endeavor organically grew and evolved with each new addition to our ranks.

Our handpicked team stands among the finest in the industry. Not only do we possess immense skill and dedication, but also a genuine warmth, kindness, and purposefulness. Perhaps it's this blend that consistently earns us rave reviews from clients who appreciate the exceptional experience provided by the SHP Photography Team.

I may be biased, I'd say we're The BEST!

-Sara Haines


Hello, I’m Sara, the soul behind Sara Haines Photography. My passion lies in creativity and connecting with people. Leading this business has shown me the depth of life and the continuous effort it takes to nurture relationships.

Our heartfelt mission is to guide families and couples in rediscovering the magic within their relationships by capturing and preserving significant moments. It’s not just about crafting beautiful images; it’s a tribute to people, and our art reflects their stories.

What makes us unique is our unwavering commitment to prioritizing people, even in an industry that may sometimes focus more on the art.



With a deep passion for traveling, the outdoors, and adventuring alongside her husband, son, and their dog Evie, Ashlyn infuses each wedding with infectious energy and enthusiasm. Despite her non-photography background, her dedication to serving others radiates in all her endeavors. As the newest assistant, Ashlyn is committed to aiding in office management and proficiently handling a diverse array of tasks including writing, editing, design, marketing, and social media for SHP!



A talented Communications graduate from  Liberty University, Claire brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every wedding she captures. With three years of experience creating unforgettable moments, Claire has cultivated a keen eye and a distinctive approach to wedding photography. From the tiniest details to the grandest moments, she is committed to narrating the story of your special day through her lens.



A devoted Jesus lover, wife, and mother of three boys, Hope infuses every senior photoshoot with a warm and caring energy. Her photography passion arises from a deep desire to make others feel seen, heard, and loved – a sentiment clearly reflected in the beautiful images she captures. With Hope behind the camera, your senior photos become more than mere snapshots; they evolve into a genuine reflection of who you are and the incredible potential you hold.

High School senior photographer


Fueled by a passion for capturing special moments, Brittany’s journey in photography began with the birth of her first child. Her distinct perspective and vibrant energy breathe life into every wedding shoot, meticulously capturing both the smallest details and the grandest moments. Dedicated to immortalizing every aspect, Brittany crafts enduringly beautiful images. As a valued member of the SHP team, she is committed to providing exceptional service that reflects our core values of excellence and professionalism.



A college student majoring in English and newly married herself, Madison infuses every shoot with a unique and fresh perspective.

Her intelligence, creativity, and passion for photography ensure she captures unforgettable moments, creating beautiful photos that stand the test of time. We’re grateful to have Madison on our team as we endeavor to provide each client with the best possible experience and the highest quality service.



Tabith holds a deep affection for fall, fresh flowers, ocean waves, and all things blue. She firmly believes that tacos and margaritas deserve their own food group. She indulges in iced coffee year-round and spends her days either embarking on home projects or plotting her next exciting photoshoot. Residing in Meadville, PA, with her daughter, Madison, Tabitha and Madison bond over shopping escapades and nature outings.

Her passion lies in capturing the essence of women and families at every milestone, from high school seniors to weddings and the joys of parenthood. Through her lens, Tabitha aims to empower her subjects, documenting their unique stories with professional finesse.



A seasoned wedding photographer with over 12 years of experience, Tracey captures timeless moments across Pennsylvania and beyond. Her early passion for photography led her to master the art of visual storytelling, establishing herself as a trusted name in the industry. Blending creativity with technical expertise, Tracey creates stunning imagery that reflects the unique essence of each couple. Her dedication to forging genuine connections ensures that every photograph encapsulates their love story. Beyond her talent, Tracey prioritizes her roles as a child of God, a wife, and a mom, enjoying travel, dining out, and time with loved ones. 



Happily married to her soulmate for a decade, blessed with three adorable kiddos. Beyond being a devoted wife and mom, she’s deeply passionate about wedding photography. With nearly 200 love stories captured, each as unique and beautiful as the next.

As a wedding photographer, her mission is clear: to narrate your love story through her lens. Your big day isn’t just about decor and venues; it’s about the love that binds you and the moments that take your breath away. She creates a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to be yourselves while she preserves the true essence of your relationship. 



As one of our new photographers, Kearsten brings a unique perspective and abundant creativity to every project. Passionate about being involved in the wedding day process, she’s dedicated to serving our community in various ways – from contributing ideas for decor to capturing the perfect shot for Sara and the team.

But that’s not all – Kearsten is also eager to enhance her photography skills and step into the role of a second shooter for the team. With her enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to excellence, we are confident she will be an amazing addition to our already phenomenal team.



Michaela, a wedding and elopement photographer from Indiana, PA, often gets asked how she got into photography and how long she’s been at it. It all started with capturing her brother’s sports teams when she was young, igniting her passion for the craft. Now, with four years of experience under her belt and a journey in the wedding industry that began at 12, Michaela, along with her mom Becky, forms an unstoppable team, capturing the essence of weddings and elopements with their unique style.



Annie is a devoted photographer capturing weddings for over 20 years. With her artistic eye, she preserves the magic and emotions shared among couples and their loved ones. Known for her warm demeanor and impeccable organization, Annie ensures every moment is filled with joy and laughter. Experience her heartfelt approach in her captivating portfolio, where each photo radiates with love and lightness.