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I’ve only known this family for a short amount of time, but after leaving their family session I felt as if I had known them my whole life.  From the very start, Lex and Sammy were incredibly entertaining and fun to work with.  Lex is an up and coming entrepreneur!  He could even tell the year and model of my iphone…just by looking at it!  (Lex-I can’t wait to find your youtube channel!) Sammy is going to be a veterinarian and take care of animals.  In fact, he has started taking care of his dozens of stuffed animals that he cares for at home.  I’m sure they get some of this drive and dedication from their father, Drew, who is currently in the running for Clarion County District Attorney! I REALLY wish that I lived in Clarion County because he would have my vote for sure…so if you live in Clarion-make sure you vote for Drew!  Annie is the one that keeps this crew all together.  She is the sweetest mom around and loves her crew to pieces!  Drew, Annie, Lex and Sammy-THANK YOU for the afternoon of laughter, adventure, and smiles! Lex and Sammy…remember me when you become famous!

Sammy had a little photography lesson and captured some pretty cool images of his family!  Check out his work below…

Photo credits go to Sammy Welsh Photography

Photo credits go to Sammy Welsh Photography

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