Hannah and her mom were so fun to hang out with!  I’m excited for her to begin her senior year at Brookville High School where she loves playing soccer and violin.  After graduation Hannah would like to major in biology and go to the University of Pitt and she can’t wait to go on a post high school road trip with her friends.  Her favorite high school memory so far has been being a part of the soccer team.  She lives for girls movie night with her friends and could not live without music!  One thing about Hannah many people don’t know is that she’s a vegetarian…I was surprised too!  Thank you both so much for an incredibly FUN evening and I wish you the very best Miss Hannah!

  1. Bobby Lee Stafford says:

    You are a breath of the purest air,a fresh bouquet of 🌹 roses 🌹, and a porcelain dish of homemade ice cream…

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