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A BFF Photoshoot | Meadow and Twilight Farm, Corsica PA

What I hoped would be a fun, light hearted, joy-filled afternoon was EXACTLY that, but also SO MUCH MORE. These girls blew me away with all of their sweetness, kindness, happiness, light, and laughter. They were pure sunshine!

Some of the most special moments for me happened when each girl got together with her bestie to be photographed… that’s when I saw their confidence soar and their true, genuine joy come out in their smiles!

It got me thinking about friendships.

And how when we have just the right people in our lives, they bring out the best in us. They see our strengths when we tend to focus on our insecurities. They help us to remember not to take ourselves too seriously. And just one look can set off a chain of giggles and belly laughs.

Friendship is such a blessing, and I’m so excited to celebrate that with these sweet girls!

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