Breanne & Derek


St Patrick’s Church Wedding | Franklin, PA

Breanne and I texted a few days before the wedding when the forecast looked a little worrisome. She was praying for the weather to change course but it didn’t. In fact, it became increasingly threatening as the day went on.

When I started with Breanne and her bridesmaids at the main lodge at Forever Farm, she had already accepted that she was having a rainy wedding day….but no one could have predicted how very COLD it would become! She was ready to celebrate and get married no matter what and let me tell you, that changed EVERYTHING. It changed everything for her friends, family and even her photographers! It’s so encouraging to have a bride not only trust me on a rainy day but also not be in tears. Her joy was contagious and her attitude was uplifting. She knew that this day, despite her love for photos, was really about starting a new life with Derek. The most meaningful part of their day also provided the very thing she hoped for beyond a heartfelt ceremony…. beautiful pictures!!

When you scroll to see their portraits, you can see drops of rain and you can tell it was not an ideal November weather day… but if you just look at Breanne and Derek all of that melts away. It was truly such a joy to capture their day. Rain.freezing temps and all!!! I can’t wait for you to see it! Enjoy reliving their wedding day through our eyes!!!

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