2023 SHP Senior Spokesmodel Team – An Urban Photoshoot


When I tell you I have visualized this shoot in my mind a thousand times since I began planning it, I am not exaggerating. And I have to say, it was everything I prayed it would be and more, so much more! One would never know by looking at these images that these girls have never met before this shoot! They are all from different schools and knew nothing of each other, but by the end of our time together, they were giggling, hugging, and building each other up just like long time friends. I was so overjoyed to see new friendships blossoming through photos, and this is only the beginning!

Before I get carried away with sharing all the beautiful images of my team, I want to first give a shoutout to some of my favorite friends and vendors who helped make this event a little extra special.

Of course the QUEEN herself, Lauren, from Queen of Tarts, always pulls through with THE PERFECT chocolate chip cookies that leave me drooling every time! And what goes better with cookies than coffee?! My talented friend Rachel, owner of Three Little Bees, created these gorgeous personalized iced coffee cups for each of my girls! They loved them!

Brittany, owner of Lawrence + Grace Studio, thank you SO much for providing us with the perfect space for makeup, getting cozy, enjoying our treats, and making new friends. You did so much to accommodate us and I’m so grateful!

The Brady Street Collective, your space always dazzles! Thank you for providing a bright and fun backdrop for some of our group shots!

Valla Marie Palmierre, you were such an important part of our day. Your talent and kindness set the tone of each girl as she sat in your chair and enjoyed complete pampering and a beautiful, natural makeup look!

James, from Light Ridge Studio, I know you’re going to deliver some amazing video and branding content and I can’t wait to see what you put together!

And finally, you won’t see her photo here, but that’s because she worked tirelessly behind the scenes capturing details, moments, and candid shots. Sara Haines, you inspire me, challenge me, and love me just the way I need it. Thank you isn’t enough!

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