Alyssa | Clarion Limestone Class of 2024


Alyssa – year round athlete, top 5 student, driven, hard working, focused, and determined. She excels in all she does, not just because of her innate gifts, but also because of the work she puts in. She’s a young lady with so much promise for her future, and I’m incredibly grateful to be just a small part of her journey.

Alyssa enjoys playing volleyball, softball, and basketball. When she’s not putting time in on the field or the court, she enjoys hunting, spending time with friends, and participating in Bible Club.

My very favorite part of my time with Alyssa was when we headed to the STUNNING Meadow and Twilight Farm, where the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, creating the perfect atmosphere to create these relaxed and beautiful images. It’s truly a gift to be able to incorporate such a gorgeous location into my senior sessions!

Alyssa, I see something so special in you… I see that you already have everything inside of you that you need to soar! I loved our time together. Enjoy my favorite images : )

  1. Jen Wiant says:

    Hope~ No words. Amazing work! What a gift you’ve been blessed with – not only your photography, but your personality…your ability to see into people’s hearts and bring out their very best! You are a beautiful soul, and a bright light in this world. Thank you so much for this experience. We could not be happier with these pics! God Bless You <3

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