Jack | Clarion Limestone High School, Class of 2024


What a blast from the past it was for me shooting this session! I attended college with Jack’s parents, which doesn’t seem like all that long ago, but when I saw Jess and her grown Jack get out of their car, it was one of those crazy moments that serves as a reminder of how fast time really goes! I’ve watched their family grow from afar, admiring pictures of their sweet family on social media, so to be able to step into their lives for an evening was so special!

Jack – lover of God, family, and sports. As a member of the National Honor Society, he values hard work in all he does, including academics. Jack plays basketball, baseball, golf, runs cross country, is a member of the Bible club, an enjoys being outdoors, especially on the farm with his Papa.

A fun tid-bit I learned during our time together was that Jack was voted to be on the Prom Court. When I asked him why he thought his friends chose him, he didn’t say much, but I looked at his mom, and we both knew the answer. Yes he’s a stand out student and a multi-sport athlete, things that would make one recognizable and memorable. But what really makes Jack special is not what he does, it’s who he is. He’s kind and compassionate in such a way that puts others before himself. He’s the kind of young man that will make those around him feel cared for because he truly has such a servant’s heart.

Enjoy my favorites from his woodsy, sporty (with a touch of style) senior session!

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