Emily | DuBois Area High School, Class of 2024


We sure made the most of every last bit of daylight for Emily’s senior session! From spending time in Treasure Lake at the stables with her beautiful horse, to the bright and vibrant colors found in downtown DuBois, to the gorgeous sunset views at “The Top of the World”, my time with Emily was an absolute DREAM!

Emily took my breath away with her vibrant smile, her bright blue eyes, her beautiful blonde curls, and her killer outfits she chose to showcase during her session. But it was her sweet demeanor, her nurturing soul, her compassion, and zest for life that embodies Emily’s true beauty. These parts of her heart were so evident as I watched her caring for her horse, and seeing that connection was incredibly special!

My hope is that these images tell a story. A story of a girl who is gifted and special in so many ways and is heading into her future with hope, excitement, and promise. Enjoy just a little snapshot of this amazing young lady!

  1. Korinne says:

    Your kind soul allows you to capture the unique beauty of these young girls, through the lens of your camera, as they embark on their journey from girlhood to womanhood. Thank you so much for capturing the magic of Emily… 🦄🩷🦋✨ The work you do is special & will be cherished by families for years to come 🥰

  2. Carrie Prosper says:

    Your work is outstanding. You have done an amazing job capturing Emily’s spirit. I know she will cherish these for years to come.

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