Cietta | DuBois Area High School, Class of 2024


Cece – what an absolute bundle of joy, sunshine, positivity, and love. Her bubbly personality draws people in, and her optimistic outlook on life makes her an inspiring influence to those around her. In our time together, I could see just how Cece has pushed through the trails and loss in her life with purpose, resilience, and strength. I admire her so much for how she loves on people and shares her upbeat and caring spirit with her peers.

What fun we had during her session capturing the last of the summery, colorful flowers, while also taking advantage of the warm fall vibes and beautiful views. Cece was a natural in front of the camera! It didn’t take much for her personality to come through and flood my camera with such beauty and life. She dazzles with her bright eyes, her big smile, and the light that shines from within her!

As a member of the sideline cheer squad, drama club, chorus, dance team, and the National Honor Society, Cece is committed and hard working. It makes me smile when I think about all of the joy she brings to others through her various activities. Her future plans include attending college to major in Speech and Language Pathology, and I’m so excited to see how she will continue to thrive through her senior year and beyond!

Cece, I’m so grateful that you chose me to take these snapshots of you in this exciting season of your life. You brought so much love to my heart just in our brief time together. This world is blessed to have you in it, and you are SO very loved.

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