Nicholas + Stacie’s Fairytale on the Farm


Hey, beautiful souls! Today, I want to share something truly close to my heart: Nicholas and Stacie’s love journey, captured through my lens at the very place that has cradled their dreams – the charming family farm. It’s not just any story; it’s a testament to how love, when genuine, weaves its tales not just in moments, but in the very air of places that hold meaning.

Where Love Took Root

Imagine golden sunsets and the sweet scent of the countryside. That’s where we first captured Nicholas and Stacie’s engagement – the beginning of a photographic trilogy that spanned the most heartwarming chapters of their lives. The farm, with its rustic charm and whispers of nostalgia, provided the perfect canvas for their love to dance under the open sky.

A Journey from Two to Three

Returning to the farm for their maternity session was like witnessing a flower bloom in fast-forward. The love and excitement in their eyes, now for the life they were soon to welcome, filled every photo with an indescribable warmth. Amidst the same backdrop where they promised forever, we celebrated the beautiful expansion of their hearts and family.

Awaiting the Idyllic ‘I Do’

And now, as the leaves start to don their autumn colors, we’re preparing to return to this magical place once more for their wedding. The thought of Nicholas and Stacie exchanging vows where their journey began fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy and anticipation.

Their story is a beautiful reminder of how certain places can become woven into the fabric of our lives, holding our happiest memories and dreams. The family farm, for Nicholas and Stacie, is more than just a location; it’s a witness to their love, growth, and future.

So, to all the dreamers out there, let this tale inspire you to find joy in the journey, to hold dear the places that mean the most, and to keep believing in your own fairytale.

And to Nicholas and Stacie, thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful journey. Here’s to the incredible chapter that lies ahead!

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