Lindsay & Jed


What an incredibly fun evening for me to capture such fun images with Lindsay and Jed and their adorable little puppy!  We started out with more formal shots because our plan was to end with ice-cream!  Jed’s proposal was so sweet and ended with her ring on the top of an ice-cream cone so adding it into their session was a perfect plan!

When the girl behind the counter at Frosty Freeze handed me Lindsay and Jed’s ice cream cones, I couldn’t help but notice that they were pretty much already melted. It looked like we were in for a rocky road….(haha). We knew it would be a race against time; we had adorable ice cream engagement photos to take and the heat was still unbearable even at 6:00 at night, which we all know isn’t the ideal environment for an ice cream cone.

So we must have come across as crazy people as I hurriedly started snapping photos immediately. We didn’t even get through our first set before the napkins needed to be dragged out! Of course, not even sticky ice cream hands could diminish the love present between Lindsay and Jed on this day. They were both stunning and naturals in front of the camera!  Lindsay and Jed – I’m so happy you trusted us with our crazy, scorching-day ice cream idea. I’m even happier that you’ve decided to book me for your big day! It was obvious throughout our night together that the two of you are perfect for each other and will have a truly great marriage. I hope the both of you enjoy these fun images, and I can’t wait for next summer!

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