Rachel & Jake


I have been so excited for Jake and Rachel’s wedding day for weeks!  Not only was I looking forward to capturing the two of them…but the venue they were getting married at just opened!  Tuck’d Inn Farm in Cook Forest was even more gorgeous than I had imagined.  I loved the rustic atmosphere coupled with the light and airy backgrounds that fit my style perfectly.  Arriving in the morning with my assistant for the day, Emily (my niece!), we greeted the ladies getting ready in the bridal suite.  Immediately my eyes were drawn to the flower girl dress hanging on the wall.  The night prior I had noticed a Facebook post by the brides’ mother who shared that this dress was Rachel’s from many years ago.  The post showed Rachel as an adorable little girl in the same dress and it melted my heart!  I think to my own children and how quickly time flies by and I’m sure Rachel’s mom feels like it was just yesterday she was getting her little girl ready to be a flower girl and now she is a BRIDE!

Another favorite part of the day for me was getting to spend time with Jake.  Jake was actually my sixth grade student over ten years ago!  In fact there were at least five of my former students all involved in the wedding and as a teacher its always nice to catch up and see where life has taken them.  Jake has always been such a sweet person and I just loved the way he looked at Rachel.  I could tell that he is truly happy and these two have amazing things in store with each other.

With gorgeous landscapes and a storybook sunset, this day was a dream from start to finish. I loved the gold blush and pink rose colors that were woven into every detail of the day.  I was so honored to be a part of Jake and Rachel’s wedding and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!  Enjoy some of my favorites from Tuck’d Inn Farm!


  1. Rick says:

    Another awesome Sara job! And the winner of Best Picture is: Rachel having her necklace clasped, while the flower girl looks up at her!

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