Krista & Cody


A Brick House Bed & Breakfast Wedding Venue

Enchanted fairy tale would be the theme for this gorgeous wedding day.  From the location, to the details and the bride and groom…it was just perfect.  Krista and Cody wanted to have a unique wedding, one that would fit their personalities but at the same time hold some traditional components woven throughout.  I would say they did just that!  The Brick House Bed and Breakfast fit their theme perfectly, captivating that of a secret garden.  Ferns garnished their outdoor ceremony with greenery perfectly placed to accent the decor.  Krista used pages from old Lord of the Rings books throughout the day as table decor and embellishments that created a really unique look.  She also walked down the aisle to a song from the Lord of the Rings and it felt magical.

These two really put so much time into gifts for everyone!  For the parents, engraved keychains, the girls all received jewelry and the boys were given flasks. I even received the sweetest gift too.  Krista and Cody were so incredibly thoughtful and I could tell how excited they were to surprise everyone.  Another special surprise was given by Krista’s grandmother.  She gave Krista a beautiful bracelet with a blue gem that had been passed down through the family.  Krista also wore her grandma’s pearl necklace and garter.  One could easily tell that family is very important to both Cody and Krista and I will never forget watching Cody dance with his Mom on the dance floor.  He wrapped his arms around her for the biggest bear hug and it was really sweet to watch them laugh and cry together.

Krista and Cody did so much planning for this day and it was perfect. I know I mention the weather a lot but honestly, I can’t believe what we experienced this day, It was probably one of the most beautiful days of the entire summer. It felt like October and not the middle of August!! Amazing! Not only was the weather beautiful, this entire wedding day was stunning!

While this wedding was a visual dream, it was also so heartfelt and endearing. Their officiant did an amazing job sharing about their relationship and their love for one another.  They are the sweetest duo.  I felt so honored for the opportunity to capture their day for their family and friends to remember forever!! Enjoy some of my favorite images that tell a visual story of their day!!

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