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June 19, 2020

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Ryan and Brianna traveled from Virginia to meet with me for their engagement session and I couldn’t wait to finally hug them in person. Brianna and I had planned for weeks for their engagement session and her bright and bubbly personality was very evident over the phone and I knew that they were both going to be a dream couple to work with. The day had arrived for their e-shoot and I’ll never forget answering my phone to a panic stricken voice on the other end. It was Brianna’s sister calling me from inside an ambulance. I remember hearing her share that Brianna was in a terrible car accident. The connection was bad so I could only gather bits and pieces….but I knew things were not good. I recall feeling such disbelief as Aaron and I looked at each other and were so concerned for their entire family and honestly for the life of Brianna. We began praying together that God would work a miracle in this situation, and looking through these photos I can’t ignore the power of prayer as Brianna was able to be discharged the next day, alive and well. She endured some major bruising and a concussion that made the next few days a challenge…but a week after the accident we were able to finally meet for their engagement session. What you can’t see in the photos is the bruising she still wears all over her arms…and it makes me feel so thankful that I have the tools necessary to provide them with gorgeous photos that can be cherished forever without the memory of the accident.

I also have to share how much I love all my #shbrides! I asked them all to pray with me for Brianna. Without hesitation and not knowing her personally, they all reached out in concern for her. It’s reasons like this that I feel so unbelievably blessed to not only capture beautiful moments but also have such a sweet community of brides and grooms that we have created a lifetime relationship with.

Congratulations to Brianna and Ryan! I’m so glad you are both able to return home together and I look forward to sharing in the entire wedding experience with you both!

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  1. Roy Fabris says:

    Thank you for everyone’s prayers. For I am her Father, and I am so blessed to have Brianna as my daughter. That was one of the most scary times that I experienced in my life. She is doing fine now. Still a little shaken, but doing well.
    Thank you all for your Prayers
    Roy D. Fabris
    I must say you did a fantastic job on the Photos. Her beauty, and the love these two young people share were capture in the Photos. Bri you look absolutely beautiful, Ryan you are a pretty handsome fellow yourself. And both of them have the biggest hearts. They were blessed to find one another. And soon they will start another chapter in there lives. May God over see there lives together, and give them the happens the both deserve. Absolutely beautiful baby girl. Love you Dad

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