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September 1, 2020

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A Sunrise Beach Wedding | Ocean City, Maryland

Looking at these images…all I can think of is how gorgeous and perfect their wedding portraits are but this is not at all how their wedding day plans began soon after their 2019 engagement. Liz and Zach had a June 12, 2020 wedding day selected for their Rochester, New York Wedding and they were so excited to celebrate with all their close friends and family. The venue, the DJ, and even their favorite appetizers had been chosen….everything was ready to go until news came that so many 2020 brides and grooms have had to face this year, and they were left with a decision to make. Not wanting to cancel, Liz and Zach opted to get married on their original date but continued on with the celebration they had been dreaming of later in August. Again, the dreaded news arrived that they would have to drastically cut the number of guests permitted at the venue and the limitations didn’t end there. The day would end nothing like that of their original dreams and they were left with very limited options, Zach and Liz decided to cancel their New York wedding.

I remember receiving the sad news from Liz and I knew that there had to be something we could do to celebrate these two in a special way. They are the type of people that are ALWAYS so happy and they deserved to have something unique and special to celebrate. I remembered in one of our conversations that Zach had planned to propose on the beach in the Bahamas, however due to the weather it didn’t work out. After some thoughtful planning….we came up with an idea to not only capture their wedding portraits on the beach, but also incorporate a session to “trash the dress”. We had SO MUCH fun making lasting memories and gorgeous photos for these two and it made my heart so happy to see Zach and Liz so happy. This will forever be a very special session for me because I witnessed what could have been a very bitter situation turn into an opportunity to celebrate and find happiness in-spite of the circumstance.

Liz and Zach, I’m so honored to know you both and wish you the very best life has to offer. Enjoy some of my favorites from their Ocean City, Maryland beach session!

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