Matt & Karly

December 18, 2020

Category: Engagement

Oh this shoot! What a dream! It’s always a little risky shooting in the dead of winter. Karly and Matt were up for the challenge! We have been planning this session for a few months and patiently watching the forecast for the first winter storm of the year…it finally came (and boy did it ever)! Western PA is known for snow but this winter storm gave us well over a foot to walk through. I drove out to Matt’s family camp just outside of Brookville. As soon as I pulled up, I was in awe of this location. Seeing this beautiful property after freshly fallen snow was such a treat! Matt’s family property holds a special place in their lives. It’s where they have created decades of memories and I was so happy to continue that tradition for them.

As we walked and talked and tried to stay warm, I got to know Matt a little bit more. I’ve known Karly for many years and have enjoyed watching her grow up into such a beautiful young woman. I also got to know PIPER! Piper is an adorable silver lab and she just ran around exploring while we took pictures all around the property.

Despite the cold, this was a wonderful shoot! Their wedding is this spring and it’s NOT going to be 32 degrees! So if we had fun in freezing temperatures, imagine how amazing it’s going to be in spring time!!

Enjoy the last engagement shoot of 2020 everyone!!!!

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