Jenna & Ben


An Irons Mill Farmstead Wedding in New Wilmington, PA

We were driving to Jenna and Ben’s wedding day and really couldn’t believe our eyes as it was a complete mix of SNOW and rain! Claire and I were bracing ourselves for how this weather would impact the day’s events. One of the sweetest couples to date got married this past Sunday and we had been hoping all day that the rain would disappear but it didn’t…. and you know what…. IT WAS TOTALLY FINE!

Jenna never messaged me in panic mode… she never showed stress or worry even while it poured during hair and makeup and she could see it through the window… she never even showed hesitation about getting her dress dirty. I was shocked and honored at the same time. It’s almost like she knew that if she just trusted me, she would still have beautiful pictures and I cannot express how amazing that feels on a wedding day!! Ben and Jenna were amazing and their wedding day was an absolute blast. Family, friends and guests celebrated with them for hours and hours despite the weather and it was perfect!

And then of course there was the surprise finale… you can’t forget the FINALE! It was amazing! Jenna and I had talked about a sparkler exit and I knew that it was something important to her. We waited and watched the radar and we finally had an opportunity to get everyone outside for this event. What we didn’t plan for was the wind and the very giant sword sparklers that were honestly more like fireworks! Ben may have only been burned a few times as they were showered with swords but it was so worth it for the photos we were able to capture-sorry Ben!

Claire and I felt so honored that we were the ones entrusted with capturing the memories of this day!! I’m so excited to share Jenna and Ben’s big day with you!!

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