Karly & Matt


A Rustic Outdoor Farm Wedding | Pennsylvania

This is a very special wedding that I’m sharing today! You’re going to love the sunset portraits and the rustic portraits in the woods with glowy light peeking through the trees…. but what I love the most about this wedding is the couple! I’ve known Karly for most of her life and have really enjoyed watching her grow into the sweetest soul around. When she walks into a room, everyone smiles not only because of her bubbly personality but also because she just makes everyone feel so very special. It’s no surprise that she chose Matt as her partner because they share such a very special chemistry that will no doubt be passed on to their little GIRL! (they are having a baby!!!) I’m so very excited for these two and all their future holds!

I had a lot of moments throughout their wedding day where I felt my eyes starting to water.  However, there were two specific moments that struck me. Karly and her dad shared a first look that had everyone watching in tears. The way he embraced her and they both cried, it was hard not be be emotional as they wiped tears from each other’s face. I’m so thankful that they created this special moment to cherish for a lifetime.

Another moment that led to a lot of mascara running down my face was when Karly’s sister, Kate, gave the toast. She shared what it was like growing up together as sisters and how very special their relationship is. Claire and I looked at each other with smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes as everyone witnessed this very special bond between the two of them.

This was such a beautiful day. The weather, the couple, the celebration… it was perfect and we were so honored to be a part of it. As you scroll through my favorites, you should know that Karly is actually wearing her grandma’s photo around her bouquet. Her Grandma Judy was such a special part of Karly’s life and I love that she honored her in this way.

Enjoy some of my favorites!! Congrats Matt & Karly!!

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