Marissa and Cristofer


Capturing Love Unscripted: Marissa and Cristofer’s Pittsburgh Engagement Session

As a photographer, every love story I capture becomes a cherished part of my journey, especially when it brings me to Pittsburgh for an engagement session like Marissa and Cristofer’s. It was truly magical, blending genuine moments and raw emotions into a beautiful tapestry of their love.

Meeting Marissa and Cristofer, I felt the warmth of their connection immediately. It seemed to transcend time, rooted back to their high school days. Their bond was palpable, each glance and touch brimming with affection.

They had a clear vision for the session—they wanted authentic photos that captured their true selves. Pittsburgh’s dynamic landscapes and urban charm provided the perfect backdrop, offering countless picturesque settings to showcase their love.

As we explored the city together, I reveled in witnessing Marissa and Cristofer in their element—laughing, whispering, stealing tender glances. Each candid moment captured felt like a window into their connection.

With their wedding day in Freeport approaching, I feel deeply honored to have been part of their journey. Their engagement session wasn’t just about snapping photos; it was about preserving memories and capturing the essence of their beautiful relationship.

In the years to come, I hope flipping through their photo album transports Marissa and Cristofer back to the laughter, love, and genuine connection of our session. These images aren’t just photographs; they’re reflections of the profound magic of love, captured authentically.

Point State Park, Pittsburgh PA
The Milkshake Factory

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