Introducing Michaela and Becky: The Photography Duo!


In 2022, I said “I do” to Austin, just as COVID gripped the world. Now, our family includes two furry companions: Hank, our Bernese Mountain Dog, and Cooper Tire, affectionately known as Coop, a charming black lab-golden retriever mix.
Traveling has always been my passion, nurtured by a homeschooling upbringing that fostered exploration. Today, that wanderlust remains strong, especially when couples propose destination shoots or weddings—I’m all in!
Now, confession time: iced coffee and Alani energy drinks are my kryptonite. They power my editing marathons and fuel countless travel hours each week.
Oh, and did I mention my partner-in-crime? My mom, Becky, is not just my best friend but also my trusted second shooter! Check out my portfolio below!

  1. Kim Bessell says:

    I love that you have from hair and makeup through reception in your portfolio. Lovely.

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