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A Magical Session: Sarah and Dillon’s Engagement at Mount Assisi Gardens

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Dillon’s engagement at Mount Assisi Gardens at Schwab Estate. It was an amazing session. The gardens provided a beautiful setting, and their love for each other was clear in every shot.

The Beauty of Mount Assisi Gardens
Mount Assisi Gardens is a stunning place. The greenery, flowers, and pathways created perfect backdrops for the photos. Each part of the gardens offered a new, lovely scene for Sarah and Dillon’s pictures.

Capturing Their Connection
Sarah and Dillon’s connection was easy to see. Their smiles, glances, and natural interactions were heartwarming. Walking hand in hand, sharing quiet moments, and laughing together—every moment was special.

A Joyful Day
The session was filled with joy and laughter. Sarah and Dillon’s positive energy made the day fun and memorable. It was a privilege to capture these moments for them.

Excitement for the Wedding
We are very excited for Sarah and Dillon’s wedding at The Willow in Johnstown, PA. Their engagement session showed how much love and happiness they share. We can’t wait to be part of their special day.

Thank You
Thank you, Sarah and Dillon, for letting us capture your love story. Your engagement session was wonderful. We look forward to your wedding and wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to Sarah and Dillon’s wedding day. We’re excited to share more of their journey with you!

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