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Capturing Jenna and Jeff’s Love at Hartwood Acres Park

Our recent engagement session with Jenna and Jeff at Hartwood Acres Park in Allison Park, PA, was simply amazing. Brittany, one of our talented photographers, was there to capture every moment, and despite the weather, the photos turned out beautifully. Their genuine love at Heartwood Acres Park shines in these photos!

Weather Challenges

The day started off incredibly hot, one of the hottest sessions that we’ve had. To make things even more interesting, we had to dodge a few rain showers at the beginning of the session. Luckily, the rain passed quickly, leaving us with a fresh and vibrant setting that was perfect for photos.

Their Electric Connection

From the moment Jenna and Jeff stepped in front of the camera, it was clear how deeply connected they are. They are so natural and comfortable with each other, making it easy to capture their love at Heartwood Acres Park. Brittany loved how they made each other laugh and smile, turning the session into a fun and memorable experience.

Beautiful Hartwood Acres Park

Hartwood Acres Park provided the perfect backdrop for this session. The lush greenery, historical buildings, and peaceful paths gave us plenty of beautiful spots for photos. Each location seemed to highlight Jenna and Jeff’s connection even more, making every shot special.

Looking Ahead

Despite the rain and heat, the session was a huge success. Jenna and Jeff’s love shone through in every photo, showing just how perfect they are for each other. We can’t wait for their wedding day at Cavallo Fields in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, next September!

Stay tuned for more love stories and beautiful photos from our team. If you’re looking to capture your special moments, we’d love to be a part of your journey!

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