Celebrating A New Season of Our Family


A Sneak Peek Into the Haines Family

I’m so excited to share these photos…but equally as excited to share about a great new season in our family!  The past year has been all about finding a family focus, a shift in how we operate as a team.  Life looks a lot different these days. However, I can’t hide the fact that for years we had misplaced priorities that came with a cost. We found ourselves exhausted, stressed, and unhappy.  I truly believe God allows hard seasons of brokenness to happen in our lives in order to transform us. I’m thankful that we’re in a new season… but transformation is hard… and I know that there are a lot of people who would start down the road to change and feel how uncomfortable it is and just back away…. forever living in the pain of unresolved issues. I sadly think that the majority of people live this way.  My hope is that my honesty will help you to see that there is hope and life in all situations.  These photos were captured during our family vacation to Corolla Beach, NC.  It was a trip that I will always hold dear to my heart as we created new memories and sweet time together.



  1. Jenna says:

    Love you

  2. Sara Haines says:

    Love you too!

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