Hello, and welcome to the SH Blog! I'm Sara Haines, and I am a lifestyle, wedding, and portrait photographer based in Brookville, Pennsylvania. I hope you grab some coffee and enjoy viewing my latest work and getting a little peek into my life! 

A few years ago Aaron and I will never forget meeting Rachel for the first time. We were at a family gathering at our house and even at the first introduction, it was like Rachel was just meant to be a part of us. She fit in so well and was the first girl we […]

Aaron has wanted to visit Idaho for years…and I couldn’t understand why? Who goes to Idaho?!? What’s even in Idaho~other than potatoes? Well I think you can see by these photos that there is MUCH more in this gorgeous state then I could ever imagine! We were so fortunate that our entire family was able […]

For several years now we have made it a priority to schedule our family photos during vacation. It’s a time when we are all together and each new destination provides for fun locations and new memories. This year was especially wonderful because our son Tim and his girlfriend Rachel joined us for our journey out […]

I broke it down the other day. There are less than 20 months that I have left until Claire is officially eighteen years old. Time is moving faster than I ever realized and it’s crazy to believe that I am a mother to a TEENAGE daughter…and needless to say, my little girl is growing up. […]

Some of you may follow on instagram and remember me mentioning this in a past blog post…. but I am a total beach girl and could seriously live there.  I look forward to our annual week on the coast  so when Aaron suggested something different this year I wasn’t really sure how to process anything […]

I can’t recall the last time that Aaron and I went away for an extended period of time…just the two of us!  Our babies are now teenagers, so we figured it was long overdue.  After some quick planning on an already tight schedule, we decided on a getaway between wedding weekends to Niagara Falls!  What […]

My niece is seriously the cutest!  I’ll NEVER forget watching her bee-bop her way down the mall in her butterfly unicorn dress SO excited for her birthday party!  This was a different type of party, one I had never attended before…but it was REALLY adorable and I had to share.  Build-A-Bear was always a favorite […]

A Sneak Peek Into the Haines Family I’m so excited to share these photos…but equally as excited to share about a great new season in our family!  The past year has been all about finding a family focus, a shift in how we operate as a team.  Life looks a lot different these days. However, […]