Laken & Jake



An Outdoor Country Wedding

Brookville, PA

There is just something special about the country.  Everything seems to happen at a slower pace… there’s less pressure of “performance”…everybody knows everybody…no stop lights…. no traffic. I love where I grew up.  Growing up in little Brookville, PA with good friends and sweet families surrounding us was such a blessing. It felt safe and comfortable, and now that I’ve grown up and experienced the world outside of that community, I’m realizing just how rare it was.  One of those sweet memories was watching Laken and her sister Brooke as little girls at our local YMCA.  They were just the cutest!  Fast forward a few years (ok, quite a few years) and I had the pleasure of capturing her gorgeous wedding.  Jake and Laken make such a wonderful couple and their handsome little curly haired cutie, Daxton, is so lucky to call them Mom and Dad.  I wish your little family all the happiness in the world and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

  1. Julie Mays says:

    You did an amazing job for Jake and Laken’s special day!
    Thank you so much!

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