Katie & Brent

August 12, 2020

Category: Weddings

A Phillipsburg Elks Lodge and Country Club Wedding, Phillipsburg PA

At every wedding, I see all kinds of family dynamics. Close families, hugging families, more serious families, long distance families, etc. Every now and then, I am welcomed into a family dynamic on the wedding day that leaves a lasting impression and that is most definitely what I experienced during Katie & Brent’s wedding day. Katie’s Pap-Pap was such an honored family member and he was cherished in so many ways throughout the wedding day. He is 102 years old and having him there was very special. He helped to bring Katie down the aisle, danced with her at the wedding and even was brought out on the dance floor later that evening for even more fun. It was so incredibly special to witness just how much of an impact he has made on his family.

This was just one of the many things I loved about Katie and Brent’s wedding day. Their love of family and their emphasis on honoring those that they miss was beautiful. The entire day was simply magical. The weather was perfect, their locations were epic and I met some of the sweetest friends and family that I will remember forever!

Enjoy getting to see the highlights of Katie and Brent’s day!

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