Kira & Anthony

November 19, 2020

Category: Engagement

This session is beautiful… if I do say so myself! It’s colorful, it’s vibrant, it’s full of joy and it’s also LONG! It’s a lengthy post because I just had so many favorites and I absolutely loved my time with these two last week! Kira and Anthony’s outfit choices were wonderful and the leaves were full of color and still hanging on the trees.

We walked around the gorgeous Parker Dam State Park and I heard their story, talked about their careers, their wedding plans and how this year has been anything but normal. In the midst of such an uncertain and chaotic time, it was such a treat to do this shoot. It was peaceful and beautiful and I hope that Kira and Anthony enjoyed it as much I did! I cannot WAIT to see these two again! Enjoy my favorites from this beautiful session! You’re going to love these two just as much as I do!!!

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