Marcy and Brian


Capturing Love in the Heart of Downtown Brookville: Marcy and Brian’s Engagement Session

Downtown Brookville’s beating heart, Drip Coffee House, sparked Marcy and Brian’s love story from their very first date. Returning to this cozy spot, we captured their engagement session, alive with nostalgia and fresh beginnings.

Revisiting their initial meeting place, joy and shared memories lingered in the air. Within the café’s snug corners, stolen glances and genuine affection unfolded, illustrating a love that’s only flourished since that pivotal day.

Each moment brimmed with anticipation for their imminent wedding, showcasing the beauty of their journey together. We’re ecstatic to witness Marcy and Brian’s tale, from its inception to the start of their forever. Follow along for more insights into their love-filled escapade as we eagerly await their wedding day.

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