Alexis and Zachary


A Winter Wonderland Engagement: Alexis and Zachary’s Love Story

Alexis and Zachary’s engagement took an unexpected turn when a surprise snow squall appeared, turning their photo session into a winter wonderland. The unexpected weather added a magical touch to their love story, paving the way for a lovely celebration at the Atrium in June.

As snowflakes fell, the couple embraced the unexpected twist during their photo session. The pictures tell a tale of warmth in the cold, creating a fairy tale-like atmosphere that captured the heart of their relationship.

After drying off from the snow, the couple eagerly anticipates their upcoming June celebration at the Atrium. The engagement session not only kicked off their journey together but also added an unforgettable chapter to their love story.

Alexis and Zachary’s engagement, turned winter wonderland, highlighted the beauty of love in surprising moments. With the Atrium celebration approaching, their story is a reminder that love, like a snow squall, can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead for Alexis and Zachary!

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