Hello, and welcome to the SH Blog! I'm Sara Haines, and I am a lifestyle, wedding, and portrait photographer based in Brookville, Pennsylvania. I hope you grab some coffee and enjoy viewing my latest work and getting a little peek into my life! 

Today I’m sharing my opinion about the VEIL and when I think it’s best to actually WEAR it! You may be wondering “Well Sara, doesn’t the bride wear the veil ALL DAY on her wedding day?”! The answer to that is actually no! Most brides don’t wear their veils the ENTIRE day because they are […]

I know what you’re thinking “SARA you say EVERYTHING is important on a wedding day!” and I can see how you would think that. I’ve been blogging about so many different aspects of the wedding day, I’m sure its a lot to think about! The thing is, I know that not EVERYONE has a budget […]

I love my SH Brides!! To death! Every weekend I’m reminded of how amazing it is to have friendships with my couples! They allow me to be creative and they give me time to shoot what I need to shoot. That’s why I’m able to shoot SO many images! However, there’s always A LOT to […]

In many of my blog posts, instagram stories, and conversations I love to reference my girls….or what I consider my SH Brides!  These ladies are very special to me because they are the ones that I am able to work with, dream with… and share in one of the most personable and memorable event in […]

There is much to think about when planning a wedding and I know it can be overwhelming. However, if you’re a bride and you’ve invested in really high quality photography, I bet you want the BEST pictures possible!! And while a photographer should be able to make the most out of every situation, there are […]

I’m really excited about adding a new weekly blog post dedicated to WEDDINGS…and what better day to post then on WEDNESDAYS! This is just a post to show brides that BREAKING THE RULES and tradition is really ok! Most brides and parents prefer to have their family formals taken inside the ceremony location. This is definitely […]